Monday, January 25, 2010

John Boyd Thatcher Park from Beaver Dam Road Mine Lot Creek trail

John Boyd Thatcher Park from Beaver Dam road
Mine Lot Creek trail

January, 2010

One hour of walking down the Mine Lot Creek trail in Thatcher Park, one of my favorite places in the Capital Region. One of the best places in the world to see fossils (I think the Wiki writer was exaggerating just a tad) according to the link below. the photo above is overlooking a wetland where I could just make out the loping track of a fox or coyote. It really is the season to see what has moved by in the snow. How lucky we are to have these trails open to us and just a quick drive from anywhere in the Capital Region. Find out more at: and

I stopped at my neighbor’s house to pick up my walking companion, Chester, an almost three year-old Golden Retriever, faithful guy who always enhances my walks and sense of security when I am solo.

The woods were fresh and snow was falling lightly. Glad I strapped on my Sorels since the snow was pretty deep thought the trail was walkable thanks to a snowmobile had packed down the track. Thank you New York State Parks Department! Skiing or snowshoeing is recommended. Next time.

I thought about the extravagant bloodroot blossoms I see here in the spring and the wild ramps that are so abundant in the limestone ledges… Spring will come but winter is surely here. There was little snow left in Albany where I live but up here more than 1,000 feet higher the snow pack was about one foot or so and delightful.

The hemlocks around the waterfall halfway down the trail were towering as usual, dark bark of the trunks and deep green of their small needles. I wished I had a camera. Not too many sounds, maybe one woodpecker and the flowing water of the creek. The forest quieted by snow.

I walked about two miles. A short jaunt but great air and just about an hour with the snowy trail. Absolutely gorgeous and restorative. I love walking the woods like this and I was really in need of it today. Make the road by walking. Step by step.

Here is a map for your (or mine) next outing in this wonderful park not far from home. Let me know if you go!